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The 2024 SC HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis Conference Planning Committee is seeking platform presentation abstract submissions.

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Abstract Focus:

The focus for abstracts is three broad categories:

  1. Innovative Clinical Practice

  2. Models that Work: Service and Education

  3. Applied Research

(Research must be relevant to the topics of the conference.)



Presenting Abstract Author

The presenting author must obtain consent from all co-authors before placing their names on the abstract.  Submission of an abstract denotes that all co-authors as well as the presenting author have read the abstract, take responsibility for its content, and approve that their names appear on the abstract.  Failure to obtain approval from all authors will result in immediate rejection of the abstract. 


The presenting author is expected to discuss his or her scientific research and summarize the data into a comprehensive 10-minute presentation. Presenting authors are required to use PowerPoint slides to accompany their oral presentations.



All abstract authors

All authors must provide disclosures of potential conflicts of interest.  Authors must list any financial interests, assistance, or relationships with companies, supporters, or commercial products that are related to the research (for example, research support, grants, sponsors, stockholders, etc.). A response to this request must be provided for each author or author group before the abstract can be peer reviewed. SC Annual HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis Conference will not allow or accommodate conflict of interest completion after the abstract submission.



Abstract Submission

Please submit your final abstract material electronically thru the conference website by submitting the application below by April 17, 2024



Submission Requirements:

  1. Content must be entered in each section prior to abstract submission

  2. The following information provided will create your abstract as it will appear when published. Please adhere to the following standards:

    • Abstract title – limit to 2 lines of text – short, specific titles preferred. Do not use proprietary (brand) names in the title.  Capitalize the first word in the title, and any subsequent proper nouns or acronyms. (150 characters)

    • Authors’ names limited to 1 line of text – do not use degrees or titles. (75 characters)

    • The remaining sections must each be 300 words or less and should include:

      • Presentation Objective

      • Purpose/background

      • Methods

      • Results (preliminary results are acceptable – no research in progress will be accepted)

      • Conclusions

    • List email, phone number, and agency name (or best contact) for presenter submitting the abstract

  3. The presentation objective and self-assessment question are required to assure continuing education credit. 

    • The presentation objective must start with a measurable verb and complete the statement “at the conclusion of my presentation, the participant will be able to ___.” Measurable verbs include define, describe, explain, identify, list, outline, or state. The self-assessment question should link to the learning objective and the last slide in your presentation. 

Your submission is NOT complete until you select “Submit” at the end of the abstract submission process. You will be redirected to a "Conflict of Interest" form that should be completed for each of the authors.


Registration Requirements:

  1. The individual(s) designated for the platform presentation must be registered for the conference.

  2. Abstract submissions will be blindly reviewed and selected for platform presentations by the Conference Program Workgroup based on innovation, originality, clinical relevance and research design.  If selected, a confirmation letter and registration instructions will be emailed by May 30, 2024, to the submitting author unless otherwise indicated.  It is the responsibility of the presenting author to notify and ensure that all co-authors are informed that the abstract has either been accepted or rejected and to disseminate the presentation scheduling information.  If your abstract is accepted, you will receive guidelines for preparing a PowerPoint for an oral platform presentation.

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