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From the crack house
to the
white house

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


How can a disease as ugly as AIDS rage unseen in the frame of a supermodel? How can years of abuse and neglect smolder behind a warm, brilliant smile undetected? How can the horrors of rape and addiction blend so seamlessly into the elegant lines of broad shoulders and delicate fingers? To look at Denise’s long graceful stride you would not think she outran death for over 30 years. But just beneath the surface of her deep-brown eyes lies a passion that was forged in her during her desperate escape from hell and the long journey home. Raped at 13 and diagnosed with HIV at 16 Denise faced impossible odds and navigated the treacherous grasp of homelessness, violence, and addiction to become a champion of her cause.


Denise found a way to take the very pain that paralyzes many of us and use that energy to encourage others. With no path laid for her Denise fought for both survival and sanity with such vigor that she redefined the spirit of heroism – and led the charge for millions. Follow Denise Stokes from the crack house to the White House and prepare to be moved- motivated- invigorated with the riveting true story of one woman’s powerful journey from the clutches of death to serenity and empowerment. A must read!

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